Food display counters for sale online, a wide range of elegant and performing proposals ideal for grocery stores available in hot or refrigerated version. Our refrigerate food counters are the ideal solution to expose meat, cold cuts, diary products, and much more to the public hygienically and neatly. Activities such as pastry shops, ice cream shops, butcher shops, delicatessens and supermarkets require at least a refrigerated counter to display the good in a visible way and store it properly. The food counter should be chosen according to the characteristics of the product to display, for this reason, the counters are divided into three main models: hot counter, dry hot counter and refrigerated counter, the last model is ideal for meat, ice cream and all foods that need to be stored at a low temperature.

The refrigerated food display counter can be: neutral, semi-ventilated, static and ventilated. In our online shop you can find refrigerated counters of different sizes to make the most of all the space, our proposals are hygienic and resistant made of stainless steel that resists acids and is easily washable. The refrigerated counters can have curved, straight and self-service tempered glass, if you're looking for a refrigerated counter or showcase for your venue we offer you the best solution for sale at the best quality/price ratio. Our food counters guarantee excellent food storage and the right visual impact for your venue.

What are refrigerated counters for?

In this section refrigerated counters suitable for every need available in different models and capacities. The refrigerated counters are suitable for many activities: food, bars, supermarkets and much more, designed both to enhance the dishes contained and to keep the food fresh. Are you looking for the best food display counters for your business? Our food display counters are on sale at the best quality/price ratio. To offer your customers always fresh food Ristosubito offers a wide range of food refrigerated counters that thanks to their design can furnish the room and at the same time keep the food in the best way. What's the food counter for? Today the food display counter has become a real marketing tool, over time it has undergone improvements in terms of reliability, durability and quality. It's no longer a purely functional machine but today the food display counter embraces energy and environmental issues. The reduction of energy consumption has clearly improved, and the production strictly follows rules and laws to protect the environment. The food display counter is no longer just a container of products, many companies have improved the design to fit in harmony with the furniture, the products are illuminated improving their visibility and the loading and picking phases of the products have been semplified. Therefore, food display counters are turning from simple machines into objects of communicative and efficient design.