Are you looking for a highly hygienic, durable and high quality stainless steel furniture for your professional kitchen? Browse our catalogue and you will find what meets your needs: from stainless steel cabinets to professional taps, from sinks to stainless steel benches. On our online store the best furniture for restaurants' kitchens on offer at the lowest price, professional kitchen furniture of high quality, reliable, resistant and long-lasting, a wide selection of stainless steel furniture for professional kitchens designed to withstand the heavy work of professional chefs. Discover our wide selection of stainless steel furniture that includes tables, sinks, washbasins, hanging cabinets, shelves, wardrobes and benches, all the stainless steel furnishing accessories essential for public establishments, pastry shops, ice cream shops, pizzerias and bakeries. But that's not all, in fact the stainless steel furniture is suitable not only for catering's industry but also for hospitals, medical and veterinary clinics and various laboratories.

Furnish your business with our wide stainless steel furniture proposals suitable for any type of need and available in different depths and features and also modular. Browse the online catalogue and discover the professional stainless steel hanging cabinets with hinged or sliding doors, or the stainless steel shelves of different depths. Choose our stainless steel furniture solutions and decorate your kitchen with stainless steel furniture that will guarantee the best results in terms of hygiene and strenght. Our products are all certified to be suitable for use in the catering industry (restaurants, kitchens, canteens, self-service, snack bars, delicatessen, ice cream shops, pastry shops, bakery, butchers, fish shops, food industries and laboratories, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries), and hospital industry (dental hospital facilities, veterinary clinics, laboratories, communities, business activities and stores).

The stainless steel furnishings are part of those furnishing made of "MOCA: materials and objects in contact with food", i.e. the materials intended to come into contact with foor and water. The MOCA are governed by both national and Europeans measures, the EC Regulation lays down the general requirements to be met by all the materials and items in question, and in particular provides that all materials and items must not transfer to food components in such a quantity as to:

  • Constitute a hazard to human health;
  • Lead to an unacceptable change in the composition of food products;
  • Lead to deterioration of organoleptic characteristics.

Stainless steel is the most suitable material to come into contact with food and is also easy to clean, in fact you don't need to use abrasive sponges or aggressive detergents but you just need white vinegar mixed with water, ideal for making all stainless steel surfaces shiny and removing the bad smells left by food residues. Thanks to the stainless steel equipment you can easily furnish the productive venues of your activites, ensuring maximum performance at an unbeatable price. On our online shop there's a wide range of professional kitchens' furniture suitable for public places, restaurants, bars, hotels, communities, hospitals, laboratories, clinical and medial studies.

Stainless steel kitchens: hygienic and resistant

On on sale stainless steel kitchens made with high quality materials, reliable and durable over time. The stainless steel kitchen is an indispensable element in professional kitchens and must guarantee quality and resistance, the online catalogue offers several models of stainless steel kitchens. Stainless steel kitchens are mainly used in restaurants, bar kitchens, hotels, canteens and all professional kitchens an laboratories. Stainless steel kitchens can have to types of power supply: stainless steel gas kitchens or electrical. Choose among our stainless steel kitchens available in the category of industrial kitchen furniture and you can guarantee the best results in terms of hygiene, resistance and quality. Browse the complete catalogue and you will find the item that will best suit your needs.