Online catalogue of Bratt pans for mixed cooking, an ancient cooking method consisting in a first roasting phase and a second phase of moist cooking by adding water, broth or funds. Bratt pans are used to braise red meat and game such as wild boar, fallow deer, deer and roe deer meat but also fish and vegetables, we can buy a gas or electric bratt pan suitable for industrial kitchens. The bratt pan resumes the cooking method that was used in ancient times through a brazier in which the embers cooked food over a low heat, covered and then stewed, brazing food requires high temperature cooking to ensure professional results, if you have to brown, cook and braise meat and fish, or cook stews, meat sauce, sauces, risotto or side dishes, the professional bratt pan both electric or gas is the right tool.

Browse the online catalogue of bratt pans for professional kitchens, canteens and restaurants, and you can save time and energy consumption always ensuring high quality results. Do you have to prepare large quantities of vegetables, meat or other dishes with the stewing system? Bratt pans thanks to their hinged lids do not disperse the vapors and aromas keeping them inside, the result will be a healthy and juicy cooking.

Professional bratt pan for slow cooking

The professional bratt pan with mixed cooking, works firts with the roasting and after with a stewing cooking by adding water, broth or funds. The ingredients that usually require brazing are red meat and game such as wild boar or deer. Industrial bratt pans are suitable especially in professional kitchens, available on our online store both gas and electric bratt pans, our bratt pans are also equipped with a large tank with thermo diffuser bottom and adjustable thermostat. With the industrial bratt pan you can cook perfectly all those meats that need a long and slow cooking such as stew and meat sauce, ideal also for cooking fish. With the bratt pans of you can prepare large quantities of vegetables, meat and more, the lids are hinged and are able to keep inside vapors and aromas for a more tasty cooking and without altering the nutrients.