Fork mixers are designed for every type of activity related to the catering industry. Why buy a fork mixer? Because these machines are perfect for making medium and high hydration dough such as those for pizza, wraps, bread or even for fresh pasta. The professional fork mixer is the perfect help for those who want to obtain excellent dough while saving time and effort. Recommended for pizzerias, pastry shops and bakeries for both small and large volumes of dough, the professional fork mixer is the central element of every operation that takes place in laboratories and industrial kitchens. Our online catalogue offers a wide choice of mixers with fork system to choose from according to your needs, each mixer is equipped with a whisk, precisely the fork, which has the shape of an inverted "U" mounted obliquely. In this way the machine is as if "rolls up" on itself the dough while turning, it basically simulates the movement of the hand rolling spaghetti with a fork.

The fork mixer is suitable for any type of dough but mainly for hard or medium hard ones, it performs the four more important steps necessary for the success of a good dough, i.e: knead, roll out the dough, cut it and oxygenate it. The fork, with his gentle rotation oxygenates the dough without heating it, in this way can be obtained perfectly crumbly products. During the process, you can monitor the work and add other ingredients because the bowl is equipped with a half grid as protection, professional fork mixers for sale on our eshop are made in full compliance with European directives on safety and hygiene. Discover our section dedicated to these fantastic machines designed specifically for the processing of bread and medium and high hydration dough.

Fork mixers for sale online

Fork mixers for perfect dough

Do you want to quickly make tasty wraps, special dough and french baguettes? Our fork mixers available online are robust and reliable machines, they're divided into two main categories, that are:

  • Fork mixers with fixed bowl: ideal for medium and high hydration dough, with metal grid to protect the bowl and liftin fork, to facilitate the extraction of the dough.
  • Self-tilting fork mixers: capable of independently tilt the dough on the worktable or on the right, left or both sides. The tilting mixers are equipped with hydraulic lifting and tilting mechanism, able to lift the mixer and spill the dough on the table or on the hopper.

The use of professional fork mixers is spreading not only in the catering industry, but also at homes, essential to mix the ingredients. This type of mixer requires more time for kneading, but on the other hand the dough will have a greater tightness allowing a greater handling. Among the three types this one is the slowest and heats the dough less, therefore recommended for poorly processed mixtures, especially the dry ones, that require a gradual but intense mixing of the ingredients, the kneading movement is horizontal instead of vertical and therefore the dough is completed more slowly, but acquires much more air and oxygen, essential elements for a correct fermentation process.