Stainless steel vertical cabinets are essential complements in work environments where you have to change clothing. On our online store we offer you online vertical cabinets to use also as lockers to current CE regulations. Vertical cabinets are especially useful to furnish areas used as changing rooms for workers working in professional kitchens of bars, restaurants, hotels, canteens and in small or large catering activites. Stainless steel is the only material resistant to water, steam, moisture, food acids and weak organinc and inorganic acids; this is why it's the material required in the food industry. 

Vertical cabinets for sale online

Catering professionals know that hygiene is one of the most important factors to consider, bakeries, pastry shops, pizzerias, bars and restaurants must have surfaces that have to be resistant to chemical agents, wearing and easy to clean and that's why stainless steel is fundamental ally. Stainless steel has extraordinary properties and in fact it doesn't rust and doesn't corrode even if exposed directly to water and air. Vertical steel cabinets are part of those furnishings made in "MOCA" acronym that stands for Materials and Objects in Contact with Food, i.e. those materials intended to come into contact with food and water. Vertical cabinets are also useful for storing products, tools and materials in laboratories and cleanrooms. Browse our complete catalogue and choose a vertical cabinet from our wide range of models available online that will help you make the most of the spaces inside your venue.