Polypropylene food containers are perfect for food use as it is a non-toxic and odorless plastic material. In addition it's a very light but also resistant material and it bears temperatures from -40°C to +80°C (melts at a temperature of over 160°C). The polypropylene food containers that you find in the online catalogue are designed for use in the catering industry and are resistant to moisture but also acids and other solvents with which they could come into contact. Polypropylene containers are ideal for food storage according to HACCP, they have excellent impact resistance at room temperature. The transparent polypropylene container allows you to easy identify the contents inside, this makes it ideal for storage. Gastronorm polypropylene containers are economical and suitable for transport thanks to the watertight lid, they are widely used in the catering, gastronomy and ice cream industries to keep hot or cold food always at hand. Thanks to their hermetic seal the polypropylene basins are the ideal and most economical solution for food storage and freezing.