Wall-mounted hoods ideal for professional kitchens of restaurants, pizzerias, bars, gastronomies, pastry shops, bakeries and any catering activity. The wall-mounted hood is available in different sizes that will allow you to work easily inside the kitchen of your premise, restaurant and pizzeria, all our wall-mounted hoods are made of stainless steel and meet the highest quality standards. Our online catalogue offers a wide range of choices from which you can find the wall-mounted hood you need, possibility to choose between wall-mounted hoods with or without motor and to choose according to the disposition of other elements of your own kitchen.

Besides the power and aesthetics, to choose the right wall-mounted hood other factors are important such as the silence of the hood, fundamental because its operation shouldn't be annoying or too invasive for the harmony of the operations performed in the business. In addition, the choice of the wall-mounted hood must be evaluated in relation to the volume of air to extract and in relation to the professional cooking equipment you used inside your kitchen. Extractor hoods are mandatory by law for kitchen that use gas hobs, in fact the installation of a quality wall-mounted hood is fundamental for a continuous recycling of air that eliminates the fumes and odors generated by cooking food.