Browse the complete catalogue of professional appliances for refrigeration, equipment for cooling, blast chilling, refrigerating and freezing food. Those who work in the field of catering, know well the importance of preserving food in an adequate way to preserve its freshness, among our proposals you can buy not only equipment for professional refrigeration highly functional and performing but also aesthetically pleasing to perfectly fit to any style of furniture. Our cold line includes all kinds of equipment for refrigerating and freezing food, it's important to preserve all its organoleptic characteristics in order to avoid the proliferation of bacteria. There are two types of food preservation processes:

  • Refrigeration: the refrigerations systems keep products at low temperature (between 0° C and + 10° C), they keep the water contained in the food in te liquid state and partially blocking the growth of dangerous microorganisms that can cause serious intoxication, for this reason this method of preservation is recommended only for limited times even if it better maintains the organoleptic properties.
  • Freezing: is a storage system that uses the "sub-zero cold", this means that it preserves food by significantly lowering the temperature of the product until the water inside the products is solidified. In this case there's a partial loss of nutritional and organoleptic values.
Professional refrigeration: machines for refrigerating and freezing

Discover the professional refrigerating equipment for sale in our online store, to preserve all kinds of food in a practical way, remember that each ingredient requires a well-established temperature to be preserved at its best, it has to be perfectly refrigerated. You can choose between blast chillers, refrigerated cabinets, refrigerated tables refrigerators for restaurants and even pharmacy refrigerators. Our refrigeration catering systems are highly performing and safe, designed to meet every working need. Contact us now for a quote!