The saladettes (from the French “salade”, salad) are designed to serve cold dishes such as appetizers, vegetables and salads in general. The saladette keeps the fresh products well preserved and are always at hand ready to be used. The refrigerated saladette is used a lot in fast food where saladas, appetizers and cold dishes are served, the containers are modular according to personal needs and can be with or without worktop because it can be replaced by other refrigerated elements.

In addition to preserving food, refrigerated saladettes allow you to expose the food ready to be placed in dishes and served to customers, at the bottom of each refrigerated saladette we can find refrigerated or freezer compartments of various sizes, is a practical and versatile professional appliance that can be placed both in the kitchen and in the living room, also used for catering and banqueting services. A highly functional, space-saving and easy to maintain appliance.

Saladettes for the kitchen professionals

Saladettes for pizzerias and restaurants

The Saladette is used in many foreign restaurants, and it's basically a machine aimed for filling pizzas, wraps and salads, kebabs and similar. Its structure facilitates the operations of filling and consists of:

  • Worktop on which you can model the dishes that can be made of stainless steel or granite;
  • Containers compartments for the various food to be used for fillings;
  • Refrigerated drawers and doors.

The saladette stands out from the traditional refrigerated counter thanks to the refrigerated drawers and the containers compartment. Both provide a working surface, but the saladette for pizzeria also has a compartment for containers to keep fresh the ingredients with which to fill the dishes. On available online different saladettes models to quickly fill different types of food, the various models of professional saladettes differ in the numbers of containers contained and their dimensions, worktop made of stainless steel or granite and number of refrigerated drawers and doors to hold food and have them always at hand.