The outdoor luminous vases are ideal to be installed in the garden or in the terrace and are also perfect to be used at home, they are made with a particular non-toxic resin and use the LED ligthting system. Each bright vase is characterized by its strenght and lightness, available online you can also find vases with LED lights in the shape of luminous spheres or cubes, for sale online also battery-operated luminous vases

In these last years, illuminated vases have become fashionable to furnish the garden or the exterior of public places, bars, restaurants and disco, not only they respond to the needs of aestethic nature but also allow to illuminate paths or areas. The lighting vases have mainly the function of lighting, browse the online catalogue and you can find bright outdoor vases in various shapes and sizes, also the materials used to make them is lightweight to allow you to move and lift them easily. The lightable pots are resistant to atmospheric agents such as frost and high summer temperature, moreover, the wide availability of shapes and sizes allows you to adapt them perfectly to your needs, you can buy tall and narrow vases for small spaces and larger luminous vases for larger areas. Their available shapes range from classic and square to spherical ones.