Professional kneading machines for always perfect dough

Professional mixers are indispensable machines for the professional and non-professional catering industry, nut why buy a professional kneading machine? A kneading machine not only guarantees soft and full-bodied dough but saves time and effort, it's enough to put the ingredients in the bowl and the game is done. The Ristosubito catalogue offers an entire online section dedicated to professional mixers with robust stainless steel structure, easy to use. The speed is the first appliance that this professional appliance offers, no more whips and ladles to get in a few minutes compounds without lumps, well amalgamated and oxygenated. Browse the complete catalogue, you will find unbeatable mixer prices.

Among the proposed models:

  • Fork mixers for workingany type of hard dough. The processing times are longer but this will ensure a better quality fermentation, this type of kneading machine is particularly suitable for delicate dough, such as dough for Neapolitan pizza, special bread, wraps and baguettes.
  • Double-arm mixers to produce soft and perfectly oxygenated mixtures, you get mixtures amalgamated to perfection worked longer than the mixtures obtained with spiral mixers. The double-arm mixer is ideal for pizzerias, pastry shops and bakeries whose dough must be well oxygenated as the dough for soft cakes, such as Easter doves or panettone, and also bread dough, focaccia and croissants.
  • Spiral mixers with swivel tank, this kneading machine is used  for hard dough such as fresh pasta, pizza and bread. Thanks to a mechanical movement it contributes to an adequate oxygenation of the dough and to the development of gluten. Some variants of spiral kneading machines provide a second speed for soft dough, such as pizza that's made with a high percentage of water. The best are the double-arm mixers with two motors because more powerful and able to produce dough in large quantities for pizzerias and bakeries, the tank being removable allow to ferment the dough in a different place than the one in which the machine is placed.
  • Among the most known kneading machines even on domestic use there are the planetary mixers, so called because of their movement that simulates the revolution and rotation of the planets, being able to knead and mount any dough in an homogeneous way.

All our models available online are CE compliant.

Professional mixers for bread and pizza

Discover our wide selection of professional dough mixers for bread and pizza, among the features to be evaluated before buying a bread mixer consider: the number of speeds, better to choose between bread mixers with 1 or 2 speeds, depending on the desired power. Then there's also the tank capacity, a bread fork mixer can start from a tank with a capacity of 6 Kg/7Lt up to 44 Kg. You can also choose between bread mixers with fixed or lifting head.
Browse the complete catalogue of professional bread mixers on and you can take advantage of our advantageous prices, discover the most suitable model for needs, ideal also as a cake mixer. Do you own a pizzeria or bakery and are looking for an efficient machine? Our bread mixers are all equipped with CE certification and high quality standards. Obtain professional pizza dough with the best pizza mixer. Every pizza maker perfectly knows that for a good result the quality of the ingredients is in the first place, but it's equally important to use a good pizza mixer. The ingredients must be processed with quality machines and Ristosubito offers the best mixers for pizza.

What is the best bread mixer?

Bakeries make large quantities of dough of different types, so it's essential to choose carefully also the professional dough mixer for bread. There are different types that vary the mechanical movement performed to knead. However, the most widespread in the bakeries are the spiral mixers, simpler and therefore less expensive, but also very versatile and functional.
You can also find fork mixers that can knead well with a slower movement, so the heat transmitted to the dough is less than usual.
Among the bread mixers we also find the double-arm ones, these imitate the movement of the dough made by hand. This kind of kneading machine is more suitable for very soft and hydrated dough or for large leavened.

How much knead a 5 Kg kneading machine?

A professional 5 Kg kneading machine is more suitable for home use due to its size. We always recommend a bowl with a capacity to contain at least two kilos of flour, especially for those who want to make bread.

How much does a professional 5 Kg kneading machine cost?

Compare all our offers and you can find the right kneading machine for your needs at the best quality/price ratio.