The Teppanyaki is a typical Japanese cooking equipment used for cooking food such as meat, fish and vegetables. The Teppanyaki cooking plates are completely flat, in fact the cooking takes place in the central part of the plate, where the highest temperatures are reached, while the sides are used to keep the food warm; a professional stainless steel spatula is used for cooking. The Teppanyaki is used for a style of cooking in which the chef prepares the dishes on sight, even directly on the customers tables. In many oriental restaurants the stainless steel Teppanyaki cooktop is used, it's similar to our grill, but on teppanyaki plates you can cook everything by basically being a single surface of hardened and smooth solid iron. You can cook meat, fish, shrimp, seafood and vegetables such as bean sprouts, the only precaution is to grease the plate with plenty of oil to prevent food from sticking and burning due to the strong heat emanating from the plates. This type of plate is made of high quality materials and is very easy to clean, without having to waste precious time scraping off excess dirt, which allows you to use the teppanyaki plate continuously, without having to worry about the next cleaning operation. Some models also have a drip tray to collect excess oil from food, allowing you to enjoy healthier meals. The Teppanyaki plate really adds a unique flavour to your food; is a perfect portable equipment: easy to clean and can be used even in the garden in warmer periods. You can say goodbye to dozens of bulky pans, only with a teppanyaki grill you can prepare all your meals, you can use this product at any time, the Teppanyaki plate is ideal for any meal; whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can quickly prepare any kind of meal.