Our neutral wine displays are designed to furnish private wine cellars but also professional tasting rooms. Plexiglass bottle orders are perfect for wine shops, bars and restaurants not only they furnish the spaces in a refined way, but also offer maximum safety and preserve wine at its best. Browse the online catalogue and discover our complete range of wine bottle holders, you can find bottle holders to hang with different storage capacities ideal for wine shops, stores and wine bars.

Wine displays for sale online

To preserve the wine properly the bottle holder is the fundamentalaccessory, it stores and protects our bottles from vibration. On our eshop available models for different quantities of bottles, choose to display and store your wines in an orderly manner, available online a wide selection of functional and practical wine displays especially made of plexiglass, an elegant material like crystal but much more resistant to impact. Our bottle holders are useful wine accessories for both home and professional premises, on sale online both floor bottle holders and wall bottle holders for a greater touch of elegance and originality.

Wine bottles displays: for professional and domestic environments

The neutral wine bottle display is a highly searched item online. The neutral wine display is a real space-saving piece of furniture, not only functional and practical but also aesthetically appealing, able to give character to environments. Discover our selection of neutral wine displays, a wide range of models available online at a highly advantageous price. The wine display gives more visibility to the bottles, highlighting the label and the shape, the plexiglass wine display is very requested, a transparent and light plastic material that ensures excellent resistance. The plexiglass wall display is elegant and has an essential design. The wine bottles display is available in various sizes to best suit all exhibition needs. On Ristosubito.com you will find the bottles display you're looking for, proposed in various solutions all on sale at the best quality/price ratio. Our professional neutral wine bottles displays are ideal for decorating the spaces of premises such as wine shops, stores and wine bars, but are suitable also for decorating private spaces and private wine cellars.