Online catalogue of vacuum sealer machines for all kinds of activities, discover our models of vacuum sealer machines both with bar or chamber for sale online at the best price. Vacuum is essential for food storage to prevent food from deteriorating quickly due to oxygen, the vacuum machine is useful to optimally store food with air enzymes and biological activities are also eliminated inside the package. To use a professional vacuum machine must be used suitable bags, that must be waterproof to avoid the formation of moisture inside the bag itself. In many cases a vacuumed food if much better than frozen food, how many times in poorly packaged food creates the so-called "Freezer Burn" effect, that is cold burning that causes loss of colour and dehydration of food.

Good preservation is not just about raw food, even the cooked ones that usually last only a few days if vacuumed can last for a few weeks. The freshness of food is the strenght of an activity that works in the catering sector, using always fresh raw materials is essential and for this reason is essential to buy a vacuum sealer machine to preserve and guarantee the quality and freshness of your preparations. Professional vacuum sealer machines allow you to keep all the organoleptic and nutritional properties of food, including scents and flavours, the food vacuum sealer machine is indispensable for sous-vide kitchen where the professional vacuum sealer is used not only for storage but also for cooking.

Vacuum sealer machines for sale online

The vacuum technique has several advanteges including:

  • Eliminates all air in contact with food, leading to zero risk of contamination and deterioration;
  • Creates small and compact packages ready to be frozen that take up little space;
  • Allows you to organize the menus in advance by preparing the dishes and freezing them, ready to be defrosted and served on the table;
  • Guarantees food hygiene and safety.

To freeze many portions it takes a lot of space in the freezer and it's a big limit, but the vacuum sealer machine solves this problem because it allows us to freeze any food compacting and wrapping it in a special hygienic bag, this creates small packages that will take up very little space in the freezer. We have selected for you a wide range of models both chamber vacuum sealer machines and bar vacuum sealer machines to ensure you the best choice at a highly competitive price, browse the catalogue and choose the professional vacuum sealer machine that best suits your needs.

Vacuum sealer machine best prices online

Ristosubito offers vacuum sealer machines best prices and models of the web, to optimally store food. The online catalogue contains a wide range of professional vacuum sealer machines, available both the bar and chamber sealer model. The vacuum sealer machine is very easy to use and is ideal for packaging bags and embossed rolls, and also to seal cooking bags for preserving freshness, aroma and nutritional values of food. Another advantage of the vacuum sealer machine is the possibility of storing food in small portions ready to use; Moreover, by reducing the proliferation of bacteria and moulds, food can be stored longer eliminating food waste. By browsing the complete catalogue you can select the type of professional vacuum sealer machine: you can choose between models with external suction and models with counter or wheels. The vacuum sealer machine allows to extend the life of food, which are kept fresh and away from contamination that can affect not only the appearance, but also the organoleptic properties. The professional vacuum sealer machine is ideal for reducing the costs of working time and product excess. Vacuum sealer machines with external suction are more suitable for products with limited moisture content such as cheese, cold cuts, pasta, coffee, effective for small laboratories and retail outlets. The chamber vacuum sealer machines have more advanced performance and are optimal for vacuum packaging of products such as meat, fish, vegetables, sauces and liquid products in general.

Vacuum rolls: to store and cook food

In addition to the vacuum rools on Ristosubito available food vacuum and embossed bags for external vacuum machines. A wide selection of vacuum rolls suitable for food contact at the best quality/price ratio. The vacuum roll is an effective and useful product, it allows to store food without limits of size and quantity. The rolls, in addition to storing meat, fish, cold cuts and vegetables, are also used for baking, water and steam. Cooking with the use of vacuum rolls  is a very used system, the roll does not disperse the flavors and properties, retaining all the macro-nutrients. The excellent preservation through vacuum rolls eliminates the passage of oxygen and water, preserving nutrients, minerals and vitamins. The rolls for vacuum machines are the perfect solution to vacuum pack solid and dry products, they are very practical as they allow you to choose the lenght according to the product to be stored, giving the possibility to cut the envelope and to weld it in the desired pront. The professional vacuum rolls available in our online catalogue guarantee optimal storage in both fridge and freezer.