The professional graters are ideal tools for catering activities that need to grate cheese in large quantities and in no time. The graters are perfect for both large production and for restaurants, bars, pizzerias, cafeterias and canteens, for al the grastronomic activities that must always have large quantities of cheese such as parmesan or grated cheese without altering its flavour. Each of our professional electric grater is made of high quality materials and is designed to last over time with aluminum frame and removable roller for proper cleaning, some models of professional graters are also equipped with practical trays to collect the freshly grated cheese.

The professional electric cheese grater allows to obtain large quantities of product in a shor time without affecting the organoleptic and qualitative characteristics of the products and without unnecessary waste, suitable for canteens, restaurants, hotels, pizzerias and catering services. The electric grater is very easy to use, just place the product to grate in the appropriate roller and lower the lever to start the grater. The grated cheese will end up in a removable collection tray to make cleaning operations easier or even to serve directly on the table. All graters offered in this section are made of high quality materials, are therefore robust, durable and very versatile, ideal for grating cheese, dry bread, nuts, almonds and even chocolate.