Luggage trolleys make the work of hotel staff easier and faster, the clothes racks for sale on our online store are perfect for all hotels at arrival and departure of guests and improve the quality of the service offered. They are widely used for transport in the elevator and all models available on our eshop meet CE standards, available in different sizes and shapes, equipped with steel structure, swivel wheels, bumper edges and a sturdy base to withstand several pounds of weight. Luggage trolleys are an elegant solution to easily accompany guests to their rooms carrying their suitcases or clothes. Visit our section dedicated to luggage trolleys with 2 or 4 wheels, made with high quality materials such as stainless steel, brass-plated steel, painted steel and chromed steel, They increase the efficiency and speed of the reception service and on our online catalogue we offer different solutions to meet every need. The available models can be:
Luggage trolleys for sale online

  • Small luggage trolley for small spaces and elevators and can carry suitcases and clothes;
  • Folding trolley with stiff or soft wheels;
  • Design clothes racks for use inside the structure.

Discover the quality of our luggage trolleys and clothes racks for sale on our online store, functional, elegant and essential for the porterage service of hotels, resorts, spas, residences and cruise ships. Equipment for transporting suitcases to hotels can also have a base on which to store suitcase and carry clothes to prevent them from creasing. Our luggage trolleys and clothes racks are recommended for hotels, made according to CE standards.