Sausage fillers are essential for the preparation of sausages, wurstel and many other products, with the sausage machine you can bag any kind of meat with large and fine grain size. Sausage fillers can be: vertical filler, horizontal filler, manual filler and electric filler and all made of robust stainless steel in compliance with CE regulations. Browse the catalogue of sausage and meat filling machines to quickly and safely produce sausages, salami and various cured meats, your sausages will be perfectly shiny and without air formation. Our catalogue offers a wide range of models of sausage fillers for the processing of sausages and meat useful in butcher shops and large retailers such as supermarkets. Each sausage filler is robust to last over time, is also strictly certified for the suitability for food contact (D.L. 108/92-directive CEE 89/109). Discover the professional sausage fillers in the dedicated section and you can find both manual fillers for the preparation of small quantities of sausages, both vertical fillers for production in large quantities.

Sausage fillers for cold cuts always fresh

The sausage filler is essential especially in butcher shops and meat processing laboratories for the production of sausages, cured meat, salami and wurstel. In our online catalogue you can find manual fillers that can be horizontal or vertical and electric fillers for large productions. The sausage filler is useful also in the professional kitchens of restaurants, hotels, farms, grill and steak-houses. Thanks to our sausage fillers you can quickly and easily produce fresh sausages, each sausage filler is made of stainless steel and is CE certified for food contact, as per current legislation. Discover all our proposals of professional sausage fillers for sale at the best quality/price ratio. Professional sausage fillers are suitable for the creation of quality sausages and cured meat, are recommended for all types of meat processing in the food industry, and can therefore be used as fillers for butcher shops, delicatessen, gastronomy activities, but also as industrial fillers or baggers for small businesses, small artisanal productions and domestic use. Professional sausage fillers suitable for contact with food, accompanied by technical data sheets and HACCP documentation.