Soft ice cream makers are the ideal equipment to produce and serve to your customers different flavours of ice cream produced automatically dispensed on the cone at the temperature of about -4/-6° C. This model of ice cream machine makes a product with a softer and creamier texture than traditional ice cream, browse the catalogue available online where we offer different models such as machines for the production of frozen yogurt, cold coffee cream, sorbets and slushes. Soft ice cream makers are specially designed for commercial activities such as ice cream shops and yogurt shops that need to produce high volumes of ice cream, highly compact tools for the artisanal production of ice cream, soft ice cream, frozen yogurt and cold creams.

Soft ice cream, also known as soft ice comes from a specific production process, the compound is pressed through the cooling cylinder of the machine and then the air is incorporated, finally a special agitator with a continuous flow guarantees its constant foamy consistency. Soft ice cream makers have a modern design and a minimal style: the dispenser allows you to adjust the emission of the necessary product by reducing waste, our machines have different capacities depending on the model. The soft ice cream maker produces soft ice cream and fresh yogurt, they allow you to offer customers an ice cream different from the one traditionally served: it's produced by the machine directly on cones, cups or concave wafers at the temperature of about -4/-6° C. Compared to ordinary ice cream is higher in fat and contains less sugar, it's air content is 50% higher.