The suction hoods are divided into wall-mounted hoods and suspended hoods, also called hanging or ceiling hoods. These latter are ideal for professional kitchens of restaurants, pizzerias, bars, delis pastry shops, bakeries and any catering activity. Kitchen hoods are mandatory by law in all professional kitchenks and their installation is essential to ensure continuous air recycling and eliminate fumes and odors generated by cooking processes avoiding damage to both furniture and walls caused by humidity and to the health of operators.

Kitchen hoods must be connected to an exhaust pipe capable on conveying fumes and odors produced by the activity carried out in the kitchen, these in fact could be highly harmful and dangerous. A sunction hood has in practice the same function as the chimney of the traditional fireplace, and as such the kitchen hoods is not only necessary but in some cases can also turn out to be a design piece of furniture. According to the standard UNI 7129-2015 is indispensable for kitchens with gas cooktop, ovens with roaster or fryers, the kitchen suction hood allows you to stay in a workplace with good air condition. Each type of professional hood must follow strict installation standards and must be chosen according to the materials declared suitable for use.