The pizza dough rollers on sale on our store are ideal for your pizzeria laboratory and you can find it at the best market price. Our rolling machines are designed to achieve highly professional performance and represent a valuable help in pizzerias and restaurants to roll pizza, bread, wraps and focaccia dough faster. All pizza dough rollers are made with stainless steel structure while the rollers are made with non-toxic materials for food, all machines comply with current CE directives. With the help of a pizza dough roller you can simplify and optimize the processing of pizza dough, in our catalogue you will find a selection of pizza dough rollers known as spreaders, and you can finally shorten production times. They are the ideal machines to stretch and roll out the pizza dough and give it an initial shape, the ball of the dough is introduced into the roll where you can adjust the thickness, the application is then finished by hand to maintain a handmade look and make the product better oxygenate before filling.

Pizza dough rollers for sale online

Pizza dough roller machines: efficient and robust

The pizza dough roller works cold to leave intact the natural and organoleptic characteristics of the dough as it happens during the preparation of the artisan pizza. There are several versions of dough rollers, such as::

  • Pizza dough roller with one roller, equipped with a single roller in which the dough is inserted. After a first step the roller is adjusted before the next steps with gradually smaller thickness, you proceed like this untile the desired thinning is obtained. Finally the shape is formed manually. This model of dough roller is suitable for pizzerias that produce pizza in a tray, alternatively it's also used as a wrap roller.
  • Pizza dough roller with inclined rollers, equipped with two rollers and a hook. It works that the first roller rolls the dough making it fall over the hook which in turn makes a rotation to drive it towards the larger roller where it undergoes further laying. The dough already has the rounded shape of the standard pizza that with a small finish by hand is ready.
  • Pizza dough roller with parallel rollers, for rolling out pizza dough for pizza in trays and for pizza in peels.

The professional pizza dough roller machines on sale on our store are the most reliable, robust and efficient, optimize the time and roll the dough for pizza, focaccia and wraps faster than you would do doing it by hand.

Pizza dough roller: an ally in the kitchen

The pizza dough roller also known as stretchers is a machine for specific use of pizzerias and restaurants useful to roll out the dough. The dough roller is a robust and practical equipment able to obtain any thickness of dough required. Discover our complete line of manual dough rollers and automatic ones for pizzerias, bakeries and gastronomy activities that sell stuffed bakery products. We can also distinguish:

  • Pizza dough roller with one roller.
  • Pizza dough roller with two rollers.

The use of a professional pizza dough roller optimizes the production times in a pizzeria, just introduce the dough and it will be reduced to the desired thickness through a few steps. Finally, it's sufficient to finish the dough by hand to give it a handmade look and oxygenate the product before filling.