Buy online stainless steel sinks for professional kitchens perfect for optimizing preparation and washing times. We offer a wide range of sinks available in various sizes, with multiple tubs and drip tray. Our products are regularly CE certified and made with high quality materials, professional stainless steel sinks suitable for public places, restaurants, hospitals, laboratories where is required a high level of hygiene. Stainless steel sinks are available in different models: sinks with legs, cupboards, with or withous shelf. The cabinets can be with hinged or sliding doors to take advantage of the spaces of a small kitchen to its maximum, also the stainless steel complies entirely with the hygiene and sanitary regulations required by law.

Professional catering sinks for sale online

The professional stainless steel sink is indispensable in public places, restaurants, hospitals, laboratories and in all those activities that require an adequate level of hygiene. Our kitchen sinks, both with or withouth doors are antibacterial, anti-corrosion and super resistant and comply with EC and HACCP regulations in force in the catering sector, they are functional, practical and compact, they adapt to different types of professional kitchen. In addition, sinks can be fitted together or with other professional equipment.

Stainless steel washbasins for always bright kitchens

Ristosubito has selected for you a wide range of stainless steel washbasins that meet the current CE and HACCP regulations. The professional stainless steel washbasins are ideal for kitchens in bars, restaurants, hotels, canteens and they are made of stainless steel which is antibacterial, anti-corrosion and resistant. Each professional sink for sale on our online shop is equipped with high quality standards, it's robust, practical and highly functional. The professional stainless steel sink is the most appropriate solution for the washing area of large kitchens, restaurants, pastry shops, pizzerias and bakeries, you can always have a clean and sanitized ambient. Stainless steel washbasins available with doors and with drip tray, this type of professional sink allows you to store inside products such as detergents, sponges or various equipment to give your professional kitchen an always tidy look. Our kitchen stainless steel sinks are made with the best stainless steel to ensure the highest quality for both indoor and outdoor use, the stainless steel sinks guarantee strenght and resistance to rust and corrosive phenomena. They are also antibacterial and comply with CE and HACCP regulations.