Fish display counters for professional fishmongers available online, our fish counters enhance the product to sell and are made of robust stainless steel that ensures the preservation. Browse the online catalogue and you can buy a large and bright fish display counter to maintain the freshness and quality of the catch. With refrigerated fish display counters you will have a showcase to display fresh fish, a guarantee to preserve a delicate product such as fresh fish, molluscs and seafood, in addition each counter helps to furnish the fishmonger in a functional way. Freshly caught fish need adequate equipment to be stored in the best way, in our online store you will find a whole section dedicated to refrigerated fish counters that best suit your needs, for fish products the temperature is the essential element in order to avoid any alteration of the meat both aesthetic and organoleptic.

Refrigerated fish display counters for sale online

On sale on our online shop refrigerated fish display counters to better store products, you can choose from a wide range of static refrigerated counters that maintain a constant temperature between +1°C and + 10°C, you can view counters of different lenghts to make the most of the spaces inside your fish market. Each fish counter is also equipped with an internal exhibition area made of acid resistant stainless steel with convenient holes to drain water and ice.