Enjoying a good coffee is a ritual closely linked to traditional Italian culture and coffee grinders are an indispensable tool especially for bars that want to offer their customers a high quality coffee. The smell of freshly ground coffee has an unmistakable aroma so for a high quality result you need to know how to choose the coffee grinder to buy, our proposals are made to work for a long time without forgetting the aesthetic appearance and design. Our coffee grinders allow the entry of the bean in a simple way getting an impalpable coffee powder, they're the ideal solution for those who are not connoisseur of grinding. Freshly ground coffee has another flavour, although well packaged is always subjected to continuous contact with air that inevitably ends up compromising the aroma and then the final taste, coffee grinder models are distinguished mainly by the power of the engine. A good coffee grinder to be considered such must be easy to use, must be easy to use, must be highly performing and must last over time, and last but not least must also be quite quiet. The secret for an espresso worthy of its name lies in the dual function grinder, it reduces the coffee beans to a powder with a perfect grain and allows you to accurately dose the amount of coffee to use, the items for sale on our online store are solid and functional and easy to maintain.

Professional coffee grinders for bars and restaurants

Professional grinders for sale online

Every barista knows that the secret to a perfect espresso lies in the grinding of coffee and today thanks to the brand new coffee grinders you can enjoy every time you want the unmistakable taste of a fresh coffee made from freshly ground beans. The grinding of coffee, in fact, takes place just before use to preserve the organoleptic qualities of coffee, here is that the grinders become indispensable because the grinding allows hot water to extract the substances at its best, it must not be too fine (to avoid burning coffee), not too big (risking to get a tasteless coffee). That's not all, with our professional grinders you can not only get a coffee powder with a perfect grain but you can also grind pepper and other dry spices that do not contain oils. The market offers us different models with modular characteristics according to your consumption needs, enter our website and take advantage of our advantageous proposals, our coffee grinders are available at the best quality/price ratio.