To quickly make tasty and genuine desserts, powdered preparations are the optimal solution, are products of exceptional quality that give our preparation the ideal consistency. Powdered preparations allow quick and easy preparations, browse the catalogue online and you buy a wide range of powdered preparations to prepare desserts, drinks, ice creams, sorbets and fresh slushes to complete with toppings available in different flavours. With powdered preparations you can expand your offer of sweets in bars and restaurants, to powdered preparations are simply added some fresh ingredients such as milk or water and in a few minutes you will get tasty desserts. Available online a wide range of powdered preparations designed for the entire catering industry, our offer includes high quality products that can make the work of professional kitchen operators easier. Discover all the powdered preparations on offer at the best price of the web.

Powdered preparations: complete online catalogue

Our powdered preparations are mixtures thanks to which you can quickly make different preparations, are ideal for bars, ice cream shops, pastry shops and restaurants. Improve your offer and surprise your customers with tasty and creamy preparations obtained thanks to powded bases, available online powdered preparations to always have ready desserts, drinks, ice creams, sorbets and fresh slushes. Our powdered preparations allow you to obtain tasty products of the highest quality. Do you want to expand the offer of desserts but you don't have enough time to prepare it? The powdered preparation definitively solves this problem, it will be enough to add some fresh ingredients such as milk or water and the game is done, in a few minutes you will get tasty desserts and drinks for your customers. Browse the complete online catalogue of powedered preparations, many proposals at the lowest price of the web.