The professional hairdryers for hotel rooms are hairdryers that must be installed directly on the wall to comply with strict safety standards, professional hairdryers guarantee energy saving and low noise level. In our online store you can find various proposals for hairdryers for sale online at the best quality/price ratio. Our hairdryers guarantee professional performance and impeccable results, designed for changing rooms of a gym, pools and for environments usually hostile to hairdryers.

The professional hairdryer is perfect especially in hotel rooms in the trigger version, so that they cannot remain on unattended. Alternatively on our eshop also available in the version with extendable tube, highly functional designed for private use in the room. Our wall hairdryers are also aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting, provided with safety certificates by the main institutions and as a result of strict technical tests have received the necessary certifications in compliance with European safety standards. The wall hairdryers are designed to be hung directly on the wall, thanks to the convenient base supplied, ideal for hotels, sports centers, cruise ships and spas. Choose a professional hairdryer from our online catalogue and discover all the advantages: safe hairdryer, low noise, right power and airflow to ensure maximum customer comfort. Browse the online catalogue of hairdryers for hotel rooms, gyms and wellness centers; ergonomic, practical, robust, technological, reliable and safe. Wall hairdryers for hotels designed for maximum ease of use and safety, a selection with elegant design.

Professional hairdryer prices and models online

Discover our complete offer of professional hairdryer prices and models for all needs. Provide customers with a professional hairdryer makes their stay in the hotel more enjoyable, let's see what aspects need to consider when buying a suitable hairdryer for hotels. The most important aspects are cost, efficiency, practicality and design. The most important is certainly the efficiency, it must not have a high or too low power to be able to benefit in terms of energy savings without losing sight of the guest's satisfaction. The choice of the model is important, the types of hair dryer available are two:

  • Wall hair dryer - pistol model, take up little space and are easy to handle and use. This hair dryers turns off automatically upon release of the button and some models are also equipped with an electric shaver socket, characteristics that have made this model among the most requested.
  • Wall hair dryer - flexible hose model, less practical are more in demand in fitness areas, swimming pools and similar environments, because they ensure a high level of safety.

There's a third model that is the drawer hairdryer that offers guests the opportunity to choose where to dry their hair, in the room or in the bathroom. Our catalogue of professional hairdryers prices offers the best quality/price ratio models that meet the needs of both managers and customers. Discover all the professional hair dryers prices and models designed to meet the needs of guests of B&Bs and hotels