Churrasco is a typical dish of the Brazilian cuisine that has become part of Italian and European cuisine and is a mix of grilled meat served and cut directly at the table. Discover our churrasco rotisserie to cook meat to perfection, available online also a wide assortment of Churrasco swords for your grill. The machines for skewers are of high quality, built in robust stainless steel to maintain high performance standards for a long time, available with two or more shelves. The professional churrasco rotisseries use a healthy cooking process for a tasty and delicious meat, and also allow the browning of the product. Electric, gas, charcoal or wood models available, we can find skewers in many restaurants menus and have become a typical dish for meat lovers, the cutting moment that takes place with special accessories such as stainless steel swords is particularly scenic. This machine can vary according to the number of swords inserted that increase the possibility of being able to cook different types of red or white meat simultaneously.