The central hoods are ideal for kitchens with stoves located in the middle of the work environment. The central hoods are available in different sizes and are essential to aspirate odors and fumes inside the kitchen of all kinds of catering activities. The professional central hood is a piece of furniture mandatory by law within industrial kitchens with gas supply as it's necessary for the extraction of fumes. The central hoods can be with or without motor, and they have the same characteristics of those installed directly to the wall except for the larger dimensions and installation that, as anticipated, doesn't go to the wall but must be placed in the middle of the work environment. All central hoods for restaurants are robust and made exclusively with highly hygienic and high quality materials. Our central hoods work in an absolutely silent and professional way and combine an elegant design with functionality as it recycles air at maximum energy efficiency. With a professional central hood you can finally eliminate fats and oils from the environment and have a very clean air in the kitchen.