Visit our section dedicated to all the equipment for catering washing equipment to ensure maximum hygiene and at the same time speed up production times. The equipment for kitchen washing optimizes the time and by browsing on our online store you will find a wide selection of professional dishwashers with front-loading or hood dishwashers, glasswashers for bars and wine shops, utensil washers for butcher shops, pizzerias and delicatessen, cutlery dryer-polishers, water softeners and professional dryers. Available everything you need for washing catering dishes, all the equipment needed to sanitize the tools used in bars and restaurants. In the catering field and HACCP systems in the food industry, the cleaning of kitchen countertops generally has a fundamental role, cleaning in the right way is ideal for food safety. In every sector inside a restaurant, pizzeria, pub or bar must be taken precautionary measures to ensure customers the safety standard, this to eliminate the risks related to food by ensuring adequate conditions of cleaning and sanitizing of instruments, premises and everything that can come into contact with the ingredients. Browse the catalogue of professional equipment and discover everything you need to wash dishes, cutlery or glasses.

How to reduce the washing time in the kitchen?

In the kitchens of restaurants often the area dedicated to washing is neglected, often the area dedicated to this function is not designed to be functional neglecting a few simple rules. The first step is definitely to assign an area to the transfer of dirty items that must absolutely happen on the same side, on the contrary, clean pieces must be on the opposite side to avoid contamination or confusion between dirty and clean dishes. The catering washing area must be free of bottlenecks, you need to pay close attention to the funcionality of tish workspace. After having well outlined the organizational aspects and calculated the volume of dishes to was you can move on to the choice of the equipment. Want to reduce the washing time in the kitchen? In this section you will find all the equipment for professional washing to optimize the time in the kitchen of your restaurant, bar or hotel.

Which machine to buy to quickly wash dishes and glasses?

On Ristosubito you will find all the washing equipment for restaurants: dishwashers, utensil washers, glasswashers, all resistant machines suitable to speed up the time of a restaurant business. In professional kitchens maximum hygiene is essential; everything must be perfectly clean and sanitized. In our online shop you will find everything you need for professional washing at the best value for money, all equipment is made with the best materials to always be efficient and reliable. Optimize the washing times of dishes and glasses, thanks to our proposals you can save energy and time and always have clean and ready to use service tools. Our washing line includes the best equipment for washing, available machinery of all kinds: glasswashers, dishwashers,dutlery-dryers and much more.