The crepe machines are ideal for obtaining delicious sweet or savory crepes in a quick and simple way. Browse our online catalogue and you can buy a professional crepe machine evaluating the main features thanks to the detailed descriptions, among the main features we remind you to check:

  • Non-stick properties, essential so that our crepes do not stick to the edge of the plate;
  • The size, to be evaluated according to your needs;
  • The structure: generally the crepe machine is made of stainless steel and has a cast iron hob that guarantees a better thermal distribution;
  • Stability, guaranteed by adjustable rubber feet.

  • Crepe machines for bars and restaurants for sale online

    The electric crepe machine is indispensable in ice cream shops, pastry shops and bars, perfect for preparing delicious sweet and savory crepes. A crepe machine together with the ingredients dosed correctly represents a fundamental factor for the perfect success of delicious crêpes, with our crepe machines you will get perfect and smooth crêpes avoiding the formation of lumps or bubbles. The crepe machines can be gas or electric, and with or without recess. Our products are highly durable and washable, made with quality materials, such as cast iron and stainless steel to allow easy and deep cleaning.

Crêpes plates for bars and restaurants

The crêpe is one of the most appreciated both sweet or savory dishes for both adults and children, it's a thin soft wafer that is cooked with a special crêpe machine composed of a hot found surface. The crepe machine can be gas or electric, and you can buy crepe machines with 1 or 2 plates according to the amount of work. The crepe machines catalogue offers a wide range of electric or gas models, single or double, you can find the crepe machine that suits your needs. It's easy to cook excellent crêpes with a crepe machine, you just need few simple ingredients: eggs, salt, milk, flour, sugar and butter. Once ready pour the batter on the machine, cook the crêpes on both sides to have a homogeneous cooking and final result also aesthetically pleasing. Finally, fill as you like. The crepes machine is versatile and ideal in bars and restaurants to prepare both sweet and savory crêpes. With the crêpes machine you can prepare many crepes with minimal effort, it's nothing but a particulare electric plate with a base for cooking that is activated thanks to a plate and a thermostat. In addition to the adjustable thermostat the machine has a button for switching on and off and a LED light that turns green when the machine enters the right temperature. The hob is almost always round, usually made of non-stick cast iron, while a wooden spatula can be included.