Cotton candy machines are the ideal equipment for fairs, amusement parks, shopping centers, sports events, openings, street parties, gastronomic events or even private parties, are very easy to use and also to clean. On our catalogue you can find a cotton candy machine available in different sizes and models to meet every need. There is no fair or festival that does not include the presence of a cotton candy machine that can simplify the work of catering professionals, especially street vendors, and be able to work safely and quickly.

The professional cotton candy machine is made of stainless steel and other high quality materials in line with the international hygiene standards provided for the food industry. A sugar cloud wrapped around a wooden stick is a treat for adults and children, do you need to buy a professional cotton candy machine? Enter our online store and in the section dedicated to this kind of equipment you can buy the model that best suits your business needs. The operation of cotton candy machines – with or withour cart – is easy, the sugar placed in the compartment of the machine is heated, it becomes liquid and is moved to the outside of the machine where a nozzle makes it come into contact with the air assuming the usual flush shape that will then be collected with the wooden stick. To make one of the most popular street sweets appreciated by entire generations choose from our professional cotton candy machines for sale on our online store at the lowest price of the web.