Fry top are professional machines for cooking meat, fish or vegetables, on our online store you can buy an electric stainless steel fry top equipped with smooth or striped plate or fry top with slightly inclined ceramic-glass hob to facilitate the flow of cooking liquids. Browse our online catalogue where we offer a wide range of high quality fry top available in both over-the-counter or with cabinet version. The professional fry top is a smooth and/or striped griddle without holes used for cooking "in contact" at high temperatures food such as meat, fish or vegetables even without using oil. Our fry top are highly safe as they're manufactured according to the current safety and hygiene  standards required by the EC, in addition, all the machines are slightly inclined to facilitate the pouring of the cooking liquids towards the special fat collecting channel, the liquid will flow through a large drain hole directly into a recovery compartment.

Discover the entire section dedicated to fry top easy to clean you just need to pass a cloth on the hob, stainless steel allows excellent thermal tightness and better heat distribution, choose the model that best suits your needs. Available online:

  • Fry top with smooth plate suitable for cooking all foods, even delicate ones as fish, this model is the most practical and quick to clean.
  • Fry top with striped plate used mainly to leave on the product the optical effect of the rifling.

The fry top is essential in any professional kitchen, enter our online store and discover all the proposals of gas fry top or electric fry top with smooth or striped plate ideal for delicate cooking.

Gas fry top or electric fry top?

The fry top is used for grilling food, on the market we can find two types: gas fry top and electric fry top. The fry top is a large griddle, which can be smooth, striped or mixed, under which are located burners that can be powered by gas or electricity. The hob can be in mild steel, chrome or ceramic-glass. Among the advantages of the fry top is the low smoke emission, being the hob formed by a single large plate, it prevents loose fats from coming into direct contact with the heating system belowe, in addition, thanks to a slight inclination of the plate, the greases slide towards the drain channel located right at the front end of the hob. The choice between gas or electric fry top is subjective and varies according to your needs, the important thing is to always choos a thermal or electrical power that quickly brings the plate to temperature and keeps it without drastic drops during cooking operations. The fry top is most commonly used as a sandwich plate, but surely all foods are cooked to perfection and with extreme ease, moreover, using the rifled part of the gas fry top, you can cook or heat all kind of foods (meat, fish, sea food, vegetables) obtaining the classic grill streak. The best-selling fry top are those made of mild steel, cheaper than chrome but equally efficient. The only precaution to have when using a steel fry top is to always perform proper maintenance to prevent the formation of rust: to ensure that the plate is always in excellent condition it must be cleaned often, dried and greased priodically with vaseline.