Professional pots are designed to withstand intensive use, are ideal to withstand all types of stove, oven and dishwasher always ensuring high performance for fast and quality cooking. Our online catalogue offers a wide selection of pans for professional use suitable for the catering industry, are all products able to meet all the needs related to the laboratories of professional kitchens at hotels, restaurants, pizzerias, etc. Supplying the room with a complete set of professional pots is essential and it's important to choose the right professional pots to meet all your needs. When choosing a pot you have to consider several factors, one of the most important features is the construction material, depending on the chosen material you can influence the cooking. Among the most efficient materials we have stainless steel and aluminum. Among the characteristics to consider in the choice of the material there are:

  • Reactive heat, some materials such as aluminum respond better to temperature changes and the heat source instantly heats up and cools it.
  • Fast heat flow, it's obtained with good heat conductor, in this case the heat flows more easily ensuring a rapid leveling of the temperature on the cooking surface.
  • Uniform spread of heat, the thicker bottoms allow to have a greater distance between the cooking surface and the heat source, in this the heat will spread evenly as soon as it flows towards the cooking surface.
  • More warmth, more mass and therefore more surface and material there is in the pan to be heated, the professional pot is able to maintain more heat.

The professional stainless steel pots are among the most requested, stainless steel is resistant and easy to maintain but it's also a bad heat conductor, that it's why it's often associated with aluminum that has an excellent thermal conductivity. Stainless steel is widely used for making pots and pans. The professional aluminum pots besides being, as we have already said, an excellent uniform and fast heat conductor it's also light and easy to handle. Aluminum is a softer metal than stainless steel and can be easily scratched and stained, which is why aluminum dishes are often coated with other materials such as stainless steel, porcelain enamel or a non-stick surface.

What professional pots do restaurant use?

To correctly answer this question we need to make some preliminary reflections. Actually, there are no better professional pots but there are the best models for certain types of food or cooking, the first aspect to evaluate is the material, the most used in professional kitchens are professional aluminum pots and professional stainless steel pots. The professional aulimun pots are very handy, but this material also has other positive aspects such as: uniform heat distribution and homogeneous cooking, also food does not stick to the bottom even using less fat for a healthier cooking. The aluminum restaurant pots are ideal for browning, grilling, caramelizing, roasting and more. Among the aspects to pay attention to we remind you not to use neither abrasive sponges nor metal tools to avoid scratching the coating. As for stainless steel pots, they're very resistant but compared to aluminum: slowly conduct the heat, are ideal more than anything else for boiled, broths and soups. To choose the best professional pots and pans you must take into account in addition to the materials also the shape, thickness, handle, bottom, cleaning and of course the price. The shape varies depending on the type of cooking, so if we need a professional pot to prepare pasta or soups, it will be betterto choose one with high and deep edges. On the contrary, if we have to fry food, prepare steamed vegetables, stews or browned dishes a pot with low edges will be better. Be sure to always buy pots and pans for restaurants with a thick bottom in order to ensure a good spread of heat, and also never underestimate the handle. The latter must allow us to handle the pot with ease, the best are those with ergonomic handle coated with plastic or resin because they do not conduct the heat well and, therefore, allow you to touch them without burning. Some pots can be equipped with removable handles that allow you to stack the pots one inside the other without taking up much space when not used. Browse our complete catalogue of pots and pans for professional use, our online pots are at the best quality/price ratio.