The bar sets are the ideal solution for bars that have space problems, in fact this type of professional appliance contains several tools in a single machine. Multifunctional sets are ideal for blending, chopping and mixing in seconds at the same time, our machine are made to fully meet the requirements of current sanitary regulations and made with a robust structure designed to last over time. On our online store for sale a wide range of multiple bar sets to have more tools in a small space and to save time.

Multifunctional bar sets

Do you own a bar but have little space for the necessary equipment? Buy one of our multiple professional bar sets perfect for quickly make juices, smoothies and cocktails even in small places. Multifunctional bar sets allow you to have more functions in one appliance by saving time and money, they're equipped with unbreakable transparent plastic cups for food, while bowls, pickers and baldes are made of stainless steel, all accessories can be washed comfortably in the dishwasher. In addition, the motors are all independent to ensure high performance.