Wood-fueled rotisserie ideal for restaurants, pizzerias, rotisseries, fast foods and cooking workshops for sale at the best price. Wood-fueled rotisseries are perfect for cooking chickens, piglets and porchetta as they retain the original flavour of the dish thanks to a slow cooking as in the traditional way. Buy now the wood-fueled rotisserie for pork more suitable to your needs to cook in a practical and fast way on the grill saving electricity, our wood-fueled rotisseries are certified according to current CE regulations on hygiene and safety. The wood cooking with a live fire is an ancient and also difficult technique because of the many variables that must be considered such as: the draught and the quality of the wood. Browse the online catalogue available in the section dedicated entirely to wood rotisseries and you can certainly meet every kind of need, you will find machines that can withstand the wear of time and high temperatures in orderd to always ensure perfectly cooked food. Enjoy the delights of cooking on a spit with our offer of wood rotisseries made of stainless steel to withstand the heat of the brazier, perfect for roasting meat on a wood fire. We try to meet all the requirements in compliance with CE regulations, we handle products made only with the best quality materials tested at high temperatures to ensure optimal cooking of food. The chicken rotisserie is a machine with spits designed for cooking chickens, the wood-fueled rotisserie for chickens can be planetary, or also known as orbital rotisserie, enter our online store and buy it at the lowest price on the web.