The bread slicer guarantees a precise and accurate cut and is suitable for any type of bread both soft or crunchy, an indispensable equipment for every bakery. The bread slicers are professional equipment for slicing classic loaves, baguettes and buns, they'r practical and fast machines suitable for bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, canteens, catering and bruchetterie. We offer a wide range of professional bread slicers suitable for the bakery and the catering sector, the bread slicing machine can be of two types of power:

  • Manual bread slicer where the bread is cut manually by a lever;
  • Electric bread slicer which can be semi-automatic, automatic and self-service.

The structure of the bread slicer can be of two types: professional over-the-counter bread slicer and professional floor bread slicer, we can provide you with a wide catalogue of proposals suitable for every need, in addition all our products are available at the best quality/price ratio and are all guaranteed by CE certifications.