Interchangeable Cutter blades for your food processor, simply replace the blades to obtain different machining and textures depending on the needs. In our online catalogue you can find:

  • Serrated blades to crush and chop dried fruits suich as almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts;
  • Wipping blades to whisk, make creams and mayonnaise;
  • 4-blades ideal to make a perfect pesto sauce;
  • Smooth blades excellent for small dough.

The cutter blades are located on the bottom of the food processor tanks they have the function of chopping, grating or shredding. After use for a certain period of time it's good practice to replace them because the blades are subject to wear and dents and could compromise the final result, in our online store you will find a whole category dedicated to high quality cutter blades.