The stainless steel chopping blocks used in butcher shops are easy to assemble and disassemble to facilitate cleaning operations and ensure greater hygiene, each polyethylene chopping block has a shelf easily adjustable in height. The polyethylene chopping block is made entirely of polyethylene suitable for food use and can be combined with a stainless steel stool. Whether it's red or white meat, the cut to be optimal must be done only through the use of appropriate professional tools such as polyethylene chopping blocks but must be made of specifica materials to be able to come into contact with food as required by current CE regulations on health and safety.

Browse the online catalogue of polyethylene chopping blocks with stainless steel stools available in different sizes. The stainless steel chopping block for butchers is an indispensable tool to properly and safely cut meat. The polyethylene chopping block can have a thickness of 8/10/15/20 and 30 cm, it also allows you to easily carry out cleaning operations such as cleansing and disinfection against yeast, fungi and bacteria. Discover our wide range of products available at the lowest price on the web.