Coffee is one of the most important products of the Italian tradition and not, that's why Ristosubito offers in its catalogue a wide range of coffee machines that can produce a creamy and dense espresso. Espresso coffee machines allow you to get a good coffee, and the choice is important because it can affect the business volume. In a bar undoubtedly the coffee machine is the strength, and the choice must be based not only on the functional aspects but also on the aesthetic ones as always visible to customers, of course also technology, operation and performance are key.
When we talk about coffee machines for bars we talk about machines that are intended to work in a continuous cycle. Professional coffee machines must therefore have the characteristics to ensure strength, functionality and practicality of use essential for a bar. Among the main parameters to take into account to buy a good coffee machine there are:

  • The type: on the market there are manual machines and automatic machines; many professionals claim that manual professional coffee machines are the best, it should be said, however, that to use them you need to acquire specific skills to learn how to well mix coffee. The automatic coffee machines are also suitable for baristas who are not familiar with the machine, the result in terms of quality is minimal.
  • The boiler: the role of the boiler is necessary to turn the mixture into coffee. On the market you can find models equipped with multiboiler or with separate boilers for steam and espresso.
  • The dimensions: very important to optimize the spaces in the environment. The best thing is to opt for a right ratio between coffee consumption and machinery.
  • The ease of use: the espresso machine must ensure good operator manoeuvrability.
  • Finally, the aesthetic aspect: the coffee machines must integrate harmoniously with the rest of the furniture. The design, in fact, takes on a relevant motion role, from the choice of materials to lines up to the choice of colors.

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