The Laundry trolleys for transporting dirty and clean linen are designed for use in hotels, hospitals and laundries. Available folding laundry trolleys, models with multilple shelves and also in the cabinet version, browse the online catalogue and choose the laundry trolley according to your needs, discover the practical multi-purpose laundry trolleys, or trolleys with stainlees steel or wooden structure for a more elegant touch. Among the most requested models we can find the laminated multi-purpose laundry trolley with a fireproof bag and multidirectional wheels, it's also equipped with a practical upper box for accessories ideal for cleaning services in hotels and large resorts.

With laundry trolleys you can optimally manage your service operations in restaurants, hotels, bed and breakfasts and where the maximum of hygiene must be ensured. The trolleys for the transport of dirty and clean linen are practical and handy and are equipped with wheels with or without brakes, the trolleys that you can find in this category are available in different shapes and models to make the most of your space. The laundry trolley makes it easier to keep order in rooms, the laundry trolleys for hotels are made with the best materials and make the work smooth and fast, multiple bag holders enable a faster handling of dirty/clean linen change. The structure is always very light and with the wheels allow a comfortable and handy transport, the laundry trolley is perfect for hotels, resorts, clinics, public hospitals, institutes, schools, sports facilities, communities or residential facilities.