The professional pasteurizer is part of the equipment essential for the production of artisanal ice cream, pasteurizers heat the raw materials to a specific temperature to reduce the bacterial load while preserving the nutritional properties. One of the fundamental tools for the processing of homemade ice cream is the pasteurizer to make the ingredients mixable and keep their nutritional properties unchanged. Through the pasteurization phase you obtain a hygienically safe product because the bacterial flora of the mixture is eliminated and blended in an optimal way. Buy professiona pasteurizers from our online store, on the market there are pasteurizers of different shapes and with different heating method. The most common is the water bath, which involves a system of water circulation around the pot containing the ingredients, the water is heated and cooled by electric resistance coils. Other pasteurizers instead work with the dry method, with the benefit of avoiding the formation of limestone around the coils.

Pasteurizers are programmable according to two distinct cycles:

  • Low pasteurization in which the pasteurizer mixes the ingredients and brings them to 65°C for 30 minutes e then quickly cools them to 4°C. This cycle respects the flavours more, avoiding to imprint the taste of cooked where it distorts the ingredients such as fresh fruit.
  • High pasteurization, it heats the ingredients up to 85°C with a stop at this temperature of only 15 seconds and subsequent reduction to 4°C. This cycle guarantees a better melting of the ingredients that are more easily mixed.

In both cycles the thermal shock allows to destroy almost completely the microbial charge of the mixture leaving only some harmless microorganisms.