Work tables: selection guide

Work tables are specific pieces of furniture for the activities of the catering industry, the work table has a dual function: it serves both as a countertop and a work top. This short guide will help you choose the right work table for your professional kitchen.
The choice of the work counter must be made by taking into account the size, to avoid mistakes we can imagine the space that the work table will have to occupy by helping us with the adhesive tape. Simply apply it on the floor where the table should be to understand the footprint. Secondly we have the type of work table, on the market you can find simple stainless steel tables, tables with shelves that have stainless steel shelves placed on different heights, cabinet tables and with or withour upstand that is a steel accessory that interposes on the wall to avoid splashes or food falling on the back of the table.
All work tables are made of stainless steel, this material is the most suitable for professional kitchens of restaurants, pizzerias and pastry shops. Stainless steel does not rust and does not corrode over time, AISI 304 stainless steel in particular thanks to its composition (18% Chromium and 8% Nickel) resists temperatures up to 500°C and is very resistant to impact. In addition, just as important for a professional kitchen, stainless steel tables are easy to clean allowing you to easily comply with HACCP hygiene rules.

You can choose the stainless steel table that best suits you by choosing various solutions:

  • Stainless steel open table;
  • Stainless steel table with or without upstand;
  • Stainless steel table with shelf;
  • Stainless steel cabinet table.

Stainless steel tables with shelves or drawers?

Kitchen tables can be simple or equipped with shelves and/or chest of drawers. Stainless steel tables with stainless steel chest of drawers are useful for storing all kitchens utensils that are used daily. Also the shelves are very useful for storing bowls, plates and various containers.

Why buy stainless steel tables?

Stainless steel work tables guarantee long life, available tables with different types of steel; 18/10 stainless steel, indispensable in any professional kitchen as it guarantees resistance to corrosion and high temperatures. In addition, it allows you to easily manage cleaning and hygiene. Stainless steel allows you to make the work tables totally antibacterial.
Of course, work tables are transversal products that can also serve other applications such as in veterinary clinics or in environments where product processing takes place.

How to choose the work table?

Work tables for food handling have different characteristics and accessories. The first feature to check is the weight they will have to load, the second feature is the addition or not of shelves and drawers to make them more functional and practical.

What does stainless steel open table mean?

A stainless steel open table is characterized by having only three closed sides while the front remains open, which allows you to always have visible all the equipment you need. The stainless steel open table, in fact, is convenient for the accomodation of equipment and the frame on three sides is an additional reinforcement that ensures the stability of the table.

What does stainless steel cabinet table mean?

The cabinet work table with drawers is an indispensable element in the kitchen. It's called cabinet because it's closed with sliding doors, and can also be provided with drawers very useful to store everyday tools.

Stainless steel work tables and drawers for food use

Work tables made of stainless steel are perfect for professional kitchens, thanks to the steel these kitchen tables are highly hygienic and easy to clean as well as highly resistant to wear.
Each model of work table with chest of drawers or without that we offer is available in different sizes and with adjustable feet for a perfect alignment, the stainless steel table and the chest of drawers for work table are recommended especially for restaurants, ice cream shops and butcher shops.
Browse our online catalogue, we offer a wide range of sturdy and resistant steel counters, perfect for restaurant kitchens and pastry and butcher workshops, the best kitchen tables for sale online at the most affordable price. Why buy a work table made of stainless steel?
Because stainless steel is the only material that guarantees resistance to corrosion and high temperatures, hygiene and an appreciable aesthetic design. Stainless steel chest of drawers and stainless steel worktops are maninly used in catering, but can also have other applications such as in veterinary clinics or in environments where the transformation of products takes place.
Stainless steel work tables are robust and easy to sanitize since inside large kitchens and public environments are subjected to intense use, as all stainless steel complements are perfect for professional kitchens, restaurants, laboratories, butchers, bakeries and all those environments where is required by law a special attention to hygiene. Our professional stainless steel tables guarantee quality, robustness and functionality and create a working environment suitable for every need, discover our advantageous prices online.

Stainless steel tables: functionality and hygiene guaranteed

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