The stainless steel basins with revolutionary Gastronorm system are ideal for all catering activities. Food preservation in catering activities is essential to preserve flavors and fragrances and stainless steel containers are durable, stackable, lightweight, easy to handle and compliant with food regulations. The rectangular stainless steel containers do not absorb odors and flavors and are washable by hand or in the dishwasher with normal detergents, they're also heat resistant from -40°C to +100°C and can be used for refrigeration, storage, transport, display and distribution of all kinds of food.

Stainless steel containers have standard dimensions internationally recognized, so they can be combined, they're containers generally used to keep ready hot and cold food or to store food and raw materials and are transportable with stackable systems. The stainless steel used in GN containers is particularly hygienic, easy to clean and resistan, in addition the stainless steel gastronorm basins are suitable for the dishwasher. Browse the online catalogue and discover all the advantages of stainless steel GN container, in fact it's:

  • Stackable and suitable for transport with a practical stackable system;
  • Resistan with a long yield over time;
  • Usable on several occasions;
  • Combinable in various sizes and available both perforated or full.

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What are the advantages of the Gastronorm stainless steel containers system?

The gastronorm stainless steel containers system brings obvious benefits, it refers to a set of standard measures that apply to all the elements that make up the machinery and equipment of any industrial kitchen such as refrigerators, ovens, shelves, bain-marie, pantries, trolleys, they are all interchangeable. Hygiene in the kitchen is essential, whether it is the preparation or storage of food, steel containers allow you to store food hermetically, to toast or heat with the bain-marie. These stainless steel trays are excellent univeral tools, which simplify the storage and preparation of food, they are also resistant to both high and low temperatures. Use containers as a storage system for your pantry or to store leftovers in the refrigerator, they are very versatile and also suitable for universal cooking or freezing. Both steel containers and lids are available in different GN sizes.