Refrigerated drop-ins are necessary to store and display fresh products, they're particularly useful in fishmongers, pastry shops, ice cream shops, bars and self-service in restaurants. The refrigerated drop-in is also useful to keep drinks and other products at the right temperature such as yogurt, butter and jams essential for breakfasts in hotels and Bed & Breakfast.

The refrigerated drop-ins are composed of built-in wxhibition tanks adaptable to structures already in possession and can be of different types, such as:

  • Ventilated refrigerated drop-in with adjustable surface;
  • Ventilated refrigerated drop-in with overflow surface;
  • Static refrigerated drop-in;
  • Refrigerated drop-in with contact;
  • Refrigerated drop-in with contact to stone surface.

The refrigerated drop-in is a refrigerated tank that is commonly used in restaurants, diners or bar to expose and maintain food at the right temperature to be served cold. Browse the complete online catalogue of refrigerated drop-ins and discover the highest quality products for sale at the lowest price of the web.

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