The chamber vacuum sealer machines for sale on our online store to pack raw and cooked food are safe and all CE certified, choose between the many models the most suitable for your business. Our chamber vacuum sealer machines are made of resistant stainless steel, easy to use and with an elegant design because they have to be aesthetically pleasing. In chamber vacuum sealers the food is placed in a container, then the watertight lid is closed and all the air inside is sucked out, providing vacuum throughout the room and to the food that is sealed with a special airtight vacuum bag.

Food packaged with chamber vacuum sealer machines can last longer than those sealed with a bar vacuum sealer, but why does it last longer? Because in other vacuum machines the air is never completely eliminated and we will always find a minimum amount of oxygen that attacks the food causing the rapid deterioration. Chamber vacuum sealer machines are more flexible because they can also work like other vacuum machines, while the opposite is impossible.

The chamber vacuum sealer machine can be an excellent choice also for domestic use. The quantities of food to freeze in a restaurant, bar, hotel, canteen or other catering business are usually large and there is an obligation to ensure maximum hygiene and maximum storage perfection, therefore you can't rely on any appliance but you need to invest on a high performance, reliable and versatile vacuum sealer machine that guarantees professional performance.
With a professional chamber vacuum sealer machine in the kitchen of your business you can:

  • Freeze ingredients bought in pulk at low cost optimizing the percentage of reload;
  • Freeze everything you can prepare in advance to speed up time in the kitchen; organize the freezers in a much more tidy way, making the most of the space;

Vacuum sealer machine: how does it work?

Vacuum packaging is a process by which food products are preserved in a safe and durable way, to put it into practice it's necessary to buy a vacuum sealer machine. Fresh or liquid-rich foods are likely to rapidly alter both physically and chemically due to bacterial microorganisms in the air: vacuum packaging is one of the main methods used in the food industry to increase the food life. But how do vacuum machines work? The air is sucked into the vacuum bags by a vacuum cleaner, the packaging is hermetically sealed to prevent the air from re-entering. Air extraction can be done with external suction machines or by means of a chamber vacuum sealer machine. Storing a vacuumed food is the best way to preserve its organoleptic qualities and nutritional values, as well as its aroma and taste. Eliminating the air creates an enemy environment to aerobic microorganisms, such as mold and bacteria, which die in lack of oxygen. The organoleptic properties such as colour, texture, aroma and nutritients such as proteins, vitamins and starches of the ingredients are not impaired. Thanks to the vacuum the food life can vary from 6 to 21 days depending on the type of packaged food. Find out the vacuum sealer machines prices on, and discover our offers of vacuum sealer machines. In our complete catalogue vacuume sealers machines at unbeatable prices.