In our online store we offer Chafing Dish in various models to keep food warm during buffet or in the restaurant without altering the flavour, the heat is kept through alcohol burners that do not alter their characteristics. Our professional chafing dishes are easy to assemble and practical for cleaning, essential in buffets and banquets, are equipped with double functionality in fact can keep food hot or cold, are the new generation of food warmers. Chafing dish are modern food warmers with an internal tank filled with hot water for hot food (using the principle of the bain-marie), and of ice or cooling elements for food that must remain fresh, they also have a removable or sliding lid to not disperse both the heat and cool.

Unlike the classi food warmers that generate an excessive and uncontrolled amount of steam that soaks and alters the taste of the food, a professional food warmer uses a technology that can provide the exact amount of steam needed for excellent storage. Browse the online catalogue of chafing dishes available online in different shapes and sizes that vary depending on the type of food they're intended to contain, for example dome-shaped ones are suitable for storing hot and bulky food, while the rectangular ones are often used for the presentation of fish and crustaceans. Choose a professional electric chafing dish to set up your hotel buffet with a simple system that can keep your food warm for a certain number of hours, a way to save time and avoid waste.

Chafing dish for buffet, banquets and catering services

The chafing dish is an essential element to set up a buffet in banquets and catering services. But why is a chafing dish important in a buffet? The main function of the chafing dishes is to keep food at the proper temperature and with the right humidity using the bain-marie system that heats by conduction. With this method the dishes remain at constant temperature never coming into direct contact with the flame. For sale online chafing dishes with a refined design made with steel structure, available in different shapes: rectangular for Gastronorm containers, dome with sliding roll-top lid, with or without pans inside. Chafing dishes should not be missed in buffets and banquets to keep food warm, practical and handy always ensure the maintenance of the appropriate temperature.