The utensil washers are machines designed to wash pots, kitchen utensils, containers, trays and much more. They're appliances intended especially for catering activities such as pastry shops, rotisseries, bakeries and butcher shops, today's professional utensil washer is technologically advanced and allows you to set different operating parameters such as times, washing temperatures and rinsing, discover all the utensil washers for sale on our online store, the ideal solution for those who want to buy a professional appliance to quickly and easily wash dishes, trays, cutlery, carafes and other tools with irregular shapes.

Do you need to buy an industrial utensil washer for your catering business? On our online catalogue you can find different proposals created to meet the needs of pastry shops, bakeries, ice cream shops, delicatessen, butcher shops, restaurants, hotels and hospitals, our industrial utensil washers will allow you to optimize the working time and clean even the most bulky objects getting an optimal result. Modern professional utensil washers have large load capacities and high pressure to ensure perfect washing and hygiene results, are like powerful and capacious professional dishwashers, ideal for all catering activities that need to effectively wash even the most bulky objects.

Our utensil washers selection is designed to easily handle large pots, trays and containers, are machines easy to use and remove even the most stubborn residues, eliminating costly as well as strenuous soaking, scraping and hand scrubbing procedures. Using them is very easy just place the items to wash in the basket, select the cycle according to the load and level of dirt and press start. Being able to select different washing cycles is very important as it allows you to wash neither too much nor too little.