The isothermal food containers are used to transport and store food and drinks, fresh or frozen, with maximum safety, respecting the cold industry, and are chosen according to the type of food that has to be transported or stoers. Our isothermal containers are made of polypropylene expanded with closed-cell, a durable but light material ideal for protecting food from external stress, such as transport vibrations. The professional isothermal containers for sale on our online store are ideal for transporting fresh and frozen food in compliance with current regulations on food hygiene, food storage and cold industry maintenance throughout the logistics cycle. Browse the online catalogue and you can choose between thermal containers in various sizes and capacities.

Those who own a catering business must have an isothermal container to carry and store drinks and food of all kinds, fresh or frozen because they ensure maximum hygiene and resistance to temperature changes, they're particularly useful when you need to serve food in environments other than those in which it was cooked. Thermal boxes and isothermal containers for food ensure optimal preservation of food, ensuring minimal heat or refrigeration loss, used in confectionery, ice cream industries but also in meat, fish and pharmaceutical industries. Our isothermal rolls for food transport and thermal food boxes are highly resistant to carry products at a controlled temperature, guarantee the maintenance of fresh and frozen food, they're also ideal for transporting hot food. Today the restaurant and catering companies have at heart the ecological and environmental aspects, our thermal hot food containers have a reduced environmental impact and are 100% recyclable, they're ideal to protect food from external stress thanks to the expanded polypropylene that allows you to keep food at the right temperature without interrupting the cold chain or keeping the heat for cooked foods. Moreover, the isothermal container does not transfer odours or tastes to food.