Among the appliances most used in catering activities there are the deep-freezers. The deep-freezer allows food to be stored for long periods while maintaining its organoleptic and nutritional properties, the freezer basically submits the food to very low temperatures turning the water contained into ice. The freezers are not all the same but are divided into two large macro categories that are:

  • The deep-freezers: also known as horizontal freezers are more capacious though more bulky than a vertical freezer. The horizontal opening results in low energy consumption because cold air is lost in smalle quantities;
  • The vertical freezers: the vertical freezer is very practical and unlike the classic deep-freezer takes up less space. It's a very functional machine and inside we can find a series of drawers that allow you to store in a more practical way the food, on the other hand, however, the storage capacity of this model is less than the horizontal freezer.

Discover the full range of freezers for sale on our online store even in the “NO FROST” version that thanks to an internal fan prevents the frost formations on the walls. The new horizontal and vertical freezers guarantee low consumption but we can take some precautions  to save something extra as avoid keeping the door open for too long, periodically clean the coil avoiding the deposition of dust that slows the operation. Remember not to place the deep-freezer near heat sources and defrost it as soon as the ice layer becomes too thick. Browse our catalogue and discover the complete range of deep-freezers for sale online at the best quality/price ratio, each deep-freezer is guaranteed by the CE mark.

Advantages of the deep-freezers

The size of deep-freezers are bigger than vertical freezers, they have several advantages, such as the internal space available. Another advantage is the possibility to organize the space inside thanks to easily removable baskets. The deep-freezer work similarly to the refrigerator, thanks to a cool liquid flowing through a pump in an independent circuit. Thanks to this liquid heat is extracted from the inside to the outside through a heat exchange grid. The most obvious difference is the opening of the door which is horizontal and not vertical. What distinguishes the deep-freezer is its challenging size, the measures vary so that you can choose the one that best meets the needs of the available space. Speaking of the advantages offered by the deep-freezers we have to talk about capacity. The internal space is fully usable thanks to the horizontal opening, no corner is wasted. Another aspect in favor of the deep-freezer is related to consumption, the horizontal opening limits the heat exchange between cold and hot air reducing the energy waste and consumption, of course it also depends on the energy class of the model chosen.