The ice makers are the necessary equipment in all the activities operating in the catering industry where large quantities of ice must be produced in a short time such as bars, fishmongers or restaurants. In our online shop you can find a whole category dedicated to ice makers in which are available different models capable of producing hollow or full ice cubes, and with water and air cooling. Best selling, especially for fishmongers, are the scales ice makers, or industrial models that produce nugget ice ideal for creating cocktails that require crushed ice such as famours caipirinha, mojito and caipiroska.

Buy online a professional ice maker of various types such as:

  • Ice maker used by bars, restaurants or hotels capable of producing full or hollow ice cubes;
  • Ice makers which produce the classic square cubes ideal for dining activities that serve numerous iced drinks;
  • Ice maker for flakes/nugget ice for refrigerated fish display or cold buffet;
  • Ice maker for scales ice for processing, storage and transport of easily perishable food.

Our ice makers are easy to use and highly reliable at the best quality/price ratio. With the arrival of summer the heat gets more and more pressing and the desire to consume delicious iced drinks grows, here it becomes necessary to buy an ice maker to produce ice cubes.

Professional ice maker: how does it work

To understand how a professional ice maker works you need to know the process by which ice is formed, and therefore also the different types of ice cubes that can be obtained and their characteristics. The ice maker prepares a basic ingredient for the preparation of various cocktails and also a fundamental element to store food in the kitchen, there are processes in ice production that depend on the type of ice maker.
The ice makers can work through two systems: sprayer or paddle. Manufactured ice is used in the preparation of cocktails or to cool drinks but you can also use nugget or scales ice according to the use that must be made. We said that an ice maker can make different types of cubes, such as:

  • Full ice cubes, obtained thanks to the sprayer system; to obtain them you use an ice maker with inside a water tank automatically preloaded, then by a pump and nozzles is sprayed on hollow cells that give the final shape to the ice cube.
  • Hollow ice cubes obtained thanks to the paddle system; in this case ice makers use a series of curved plastic slats which are alternately inserted in a pin, which is connected to an engine that makes them turn for as long as necessary to the formation of the ice cube.
  • Ice scales produced in a freezing state around -6°/-8°C. These ice makers make thin, dry ice flakes perfect for storage on counter displays of fishermongers and supermarkets, or also for specific containers during the transport of fresh food.
  • Nugget ice of a small jagged spherical shape used in environments such as fingermongers or supermarkets counters. This Type of ice combines cooling with the hydration characteristics of fresh food.

Ice maker: the ideal machine for catering

Catering is an industry where it's essential to have an ice maker. A good ice maker can help you to improve the taste of a drink, also by buying an ice maker you will no longer risk being without ice, absolutely unforgivable for an activity. Production will be fast and instant. Other advantages to owning a quality ice maker are:

  • Quality of the ice produced, the quality of the ice has to be excellent. A proper activity cannot afford to serve drinks with deformed, white and grainy ice that risks altering the taste of the drink.
  • Hygiene will be better, because producing cubes with an ice maker is definitely more hygienic than making them manually, and this is because there is no direct handling of the ice produced.
  • Are easy to use.
  • Professional ice makers are essential especially during the summer.