Cream cookers for processing hot creams, eggnog, ice cream and other gastronomic mixtures such as risotto, polenta and bechamel, on sale machines equipped with acoustic detector to signal when the product has reached the desired cooking. Pastry and ice cream shops have everything they need to produce and store their products with the cream cookers, it will finally be possible to offer your customers the highest quality by limiting the processing time. The cream cooker is a machine designed for all professional pastry laboratories and it's suitable for both the preparation and the cooking of creams, also the cream cooker can be distinguished by:

  • Type of power supply, we can find both gas and electric cream cookers;
  • Bowl capacity, on the market there are models ranging from 2 liters up to 39 liters, the most requested is the 5 liters one;
  • Type of structure, there are small counter-cream cookers for smaller activites, and floor-cream cookers for activities with a greater working range.

With the cream cookers professionals have the opportunity to get everything you need to make and store jams, custard, ice cream, and many more are the possible realizations with this kind of ice cream and pastry equipment.